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Shimano Coltsniper Stick


Versatility and Toughness--- How a fishing lure should be!



I don’t believe in all-in-one plugs, but I do believe in versatility.   The Shimano Coltsniper 120S and 140S are one of the more versatile lures of this era.   The 120S is 4.75” and about 1 1/8 oz.   The 140S is 5.5” and almost 2 oz.  Both cast extremely well.   Whatever Shimano did with their new casting weight technology, they did a great thing.   In situations where fish a busting way out, when you would normally choose metal, the Coltsniper Stick is a worthy alternative.

Shimano Coltsniper Stick 140S(Top) 120S(Bottom)

In terms of action, visualize sway instead of thump.   The action is unique, but shares some similarities with the super strike lil neck sinking popper.    Even on the slowest retrieves the Coltsniper with invoke a gentle, but eye-catching sway that mimics an injured baitfish.    They can be fished in calm to slightly rough conditions.   It can also be worked anywhere in the water column from bouncing the bottom to subsurface.   It’s a truly versatile lure.

Shimano Coltsniper 140S Chicken Scratch

One of my most memorable times with this lure was an evening when the bite was super slow.  It these situations I would usually crawl a needlefish just off the bottom.  However, on this evening I chose to throw the Coltsniper Stick 140S in chicken scratch yellow.   I casted beyond the trough over the bar during an incoming tide.   The wind was blowing at about 10 mph from the northwest in California.   I was fishing solo in pitch dark conditions where only the silhouette of the waves stood before me.   As I crawled the Shimano Coltsniper Stick across the bar and into the trough I felt a jolting sensation from rod tip to reel.  It was Fish on!  From this point, confidence in this lure intesified and has since become one of my favorite lures over the last few years.

Shimano Coltsniper 120S Bone

Coltsniper Stick Tips


1. Use when distance is a factor.

2.  A steady retrieve with twitches can be effective.

3. Get both sizes for different situations.

4.  Can be worked anywhere in the water column.

5.  Fish will sometimes strike on the fall so be ready.

Shimano isn’t the first to emerge with this lure type, but they significantly improved the castability and action of past versions which is what sets it apart.   Along with this, the Coltsniper Stick is built like a tank!   It’s meant to be fished in any harsh saltwater environment.   Lastly, striped bass and bluefish will eat this thing like there’s no tomorrow…


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