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Let's face it! Those special days of fishing where everything is perfect don't happen all the time---at least for most of us.  So we like to look back and relive those moments.  This pair of good eatin' fluke was caught by my cousin Jay.  When I lived back east I caught these bad boys all the time.  My setup was a sliding slinker rig with a 2' leader to a 2" grub tipped with a live killie.  Can you say "FISH ON!"

Striper on a pencil popper for this young fisherman
Black Drum landed by happy fisherman!
Nice cocktail blue!
Feeding time!
All-Terrain Vehicles

Up to about 2009 I had absolutely no confidence in topwater lures.   I viewed topwater as a technique to employ only when fish were busting in massive numbers.  Never would it be my first choice out the bag until I stumbled upon a (read more)

Li'l Neck Magic

This article is based on my personal experiences in using the SS little neck in surf fishing for striped bass.  I would say 90% of my striper surf striper hookups were enticed by the (read more)

Seek and Destroy
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