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Much of your success as fisherman will be dependant on the presence of bait.  When the bite is tough, the first question that often comes to mind is, "Where is the bait?"  By understanding the behavior of bait, you increase your chances of getting into some serious action.  Some of the things I like to know are spawning patterns, temperature prefererences and diet.  For example, what are the bait feeding on and what habitats are conduscive to their migration patterns?  Knowing the bait is just as challenging  as knowing the gamefish, but once you understand this you get that much closer to unraveling the many mysteries behind fishing.

Seek and Destroy

Pacific Surf Smelt or Night Smelt

A juvenile rubberlip perch

A 3 inch herring washed ashore while escaping predators.

Feeding time!
All-Terrain Vehicles

Up to about 2009 I had absolutely no confidence in topwater lures.   I viewed topwater as a technique to employ only when fish were busting in massive numbers.  Never would it be my first choice out the bag until I stumbled upon a (read more)

Li'l Neck Magic

This article is based on my personal experiences in using the SS little neck in surf fishing for striped bass.  I would say 90% of my striper surf striper hookups were enticed by the (read more)

Seek and Destroy
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