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The Northbar Bottledarter



Make: Northbar

Model: Bottle Darter (Unweighted)

Class: Swimmer/Darter

Weight: 2.5 oz

Length: 7.25 inches

Action: Subsurface Wobble to about 4’ on moderate retrieve.  (Will stay on surface with slow retrieve.)

Conditions Used: Moderate – Raging Surf

Target Species: Striped Bass, Bluefish, and Giant Trevally

Price: $16.00 - $18.00




  When retrieving a Northbar Bottle Darter there is no need guessing if the plug is swimming properly.  It’s a plug for just about any condition.  The design was tailor made to handle the rough surf where most other swimmers end up rolling on their sides or spinning out of control.     I’ve tossed this plug in raging surf conditions where even sea lions or cormorants wouldn’t dare… but yet can feel it thumping along with great balance and poise. This plug will dig in and hold tight in even the strongest currents.  I only wish they made other sizes to match the profiles of smaller or slimmer baits.  

            They come stock with 4x VMC hooks and in a multitude of color schemes.  The finish is very high quality.  I really like the scaled body and the big 3D eyes.   With some of mine I replace the tail hook with a feathered 5/0 siwash single hook to give it even more flare.  At 2.5 oz, the Northbar Bottledarter casts reasonable well.   This plug has been most productive for me at night.  Not sure why, but all of my Northbar Darter fish have come under the cover of darkness.  This is a great plug for ANY condition!

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