AllTerrainAngler(ATA) Score from Shore...
AllTerrainAngler(ATA)Score from Shore...

     When fisherman shop for lures, they often make their decision by merely looking at the color, profile or brand.  While these are important features, it is even more essential to know the action of the lure when being retrieved, and how to manipulate the rod/reel in such a manner as to impart the action to invoke a strike.  Anyone can buy a lure and reel it in, but very few have the talent to visualize the action while manipulating with the rod and reel with just the right movements.  For example, understanding what quick jerks or slow lifts of the rod will do to the action of a plug, or the effect of current on a swimmer.  These are the subtle things that make a world of difference when approaching a fishy situation as an ATA (All-Terrain Angler).

Sharpeye or Greenpoint lures
Winchmaster Mullet when currents are stronger and subsurface bite is on.

Red head white body pattern is a classic color combo.  Just enough contrast to catch their eye!

Feeding time!
All-Terrain Vehicles

Up to about 2009 I had absolutely no confidence in topwater lures.   I viewed topwater as a technique to employ only when fish were busting in massive numbers.  Never would it be my first choice out the bag until I stumbled upon a (read more)

Li'l Neck Magic

This article is based on my personal experiences in using the SS little neck in surf fishing for striped bass.  I would say 90% of my striper surf striper hookups were enticed by the (read more)

Seek and Destroy
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