AllTerrainAngler(ATA) Score from Shore...
AllTerrainAngler(ATA)Score from Shore...

As an All-Terrain Angler (ATA) you may encounter some of the most treacherous yet beautiful pieces of landscape created by mother nature.  Catching fish is only one of the reasons I enjoy this sport so much.  Nothing compares to the satisfaction gained by conquering both the terrain and game fish you seek as an ATA.


This section is a compilation of various fishing terrains that one may encounter when fishing form shore.  The names of these locations have been left out on purpose to respect spot burning rules.  The pics are here just for your viewing pleasure!

Somewhere in Ditch Plains
Balance is key when navigating the rocks.
Hauling a pig up the goat trail
Stamina for Surfcasting
Juicy structure holding bait!
Bait pinned into the rocks
The perfect surfcasting terrain---- sandy beach littered with boulders
The South Wall

Wading in the bay...


Certain spots allow you to wade way out into the water to reach elusive prey.   Just watch your step.

Feeding time!
All-Terrain Vehicles

Up to about 2009 I had absolutely no confidence in topwater lures.   I viewed topwater as a technique to employ only when fish were busting in massive numbers.  Never would it be my first choice out the bag until I stumbled upon a (read more)

Li'l Neck Magic

This article is based on my personal experiences in using the SS little neck in surf fishing for striped bass.  I would say 90% of my striper surf striper hookups were enticed by the (read more)

Seek and Destroy
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