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Make: Lucky Craft

Model: Pointer 180

Class: Slow Sinking Darter

Weight: 1.8 oz

Length: 7"

Action: Erratic side to side change of direction

Conditions used: Calm to Moderate

Target Species: Striped Bass, Bluefish, Largemouth Bass, Musky, Pike, Giant Trevally, Peacock Bass and many more.

Price: $20.00



       The Lucky Craft Pointer 180 is a jointed darter originally designed for Musky and Largemouth Bass.  It's approximately 7" long and weighs just a tad over an ounce.


       The action can be described as quick erratic darts from side-to-side.  It's a slow sinker so you can run it anywhere in the water column.   Just replace the hooks with 4x VMC's and you're ready to go.  I found this out the hard way as you can see by the straightened hook on this one...

      This plug has kept me from getting skunked on more than one occasion.  A slow steady retrieve with an occasional twitch was all I needed to coax this big boy. There have been nights (and days) when the fish would only be interested in this plug.

       This plug by Lucky Craft has tremendous fish attracting action and appeal.  I wouldn't be surprised if you could even take this to the Amazon for targeting Peacock Bass or Tigerfish in Austrailia. Checkout these color schemes.

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