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Deps Realiser---Profile makes a difference...

by Joe



After stumbling on this lure I just knew it filled a void I was looking for when stripers are targeting shiner perch on west coast or peanut bunker back east.    The profile is absolutely spot on…and I wanted something with good castability, durable, effective color choices and possessed seductive action.   The Deps Realiser did not disappoint…  It fit the bill perfectly.

DEPS Realiser 4.5" 1.5 oz

At 4.5” and 1.5 oz it was compatible with my gear too.   It’s made of this special chemical wood from Japan and from what I’ve seen it’s been very resilient against saltwater penetration, and the finish has withstood thousands of casts in a harsh surf environment.   In addition the action has never altered over time like what happens to many lures made of wood.   However,  the best thing about this lure is its versatility and hypnotic thumping action.    You can make the Realiser dive to about 6’ feet or you can wake it on the top like a dying bait fish.   A steady retrieve or stop ‘n’ go... you just can’t go wrong…

Made of resilient chemical wood

One evening I was fishing a sandy beach where I knew fish had been caught.  After several casts with the usual minnow type swimmers I decided to change it up since I haven't had a hit.   At this point I snapped on a silver Deps Realiser with a blue back and then stood at the edge of a hole where I had been throwing an sp minnow.   The conditions were moderate with waves at about 2' - 3' and 12 seconds apart.      The tide was out going so I was able to position myself at an angle where I could cast lateral to the hole and then work the lure towards the edge.   The first few casts yielded nothing but after several more attempts I was suddenly awakened by a massive strike!   The fish inhaled the realiser!  As the evening continued I was able to land about 5 more nice fish.   I knew the predominant bait was anchovies, but I also knew shiner perch were quite prevalent in the area.  I believe changing the profile triggered these fish to hit.   After seeing millions of similar plugs, ometimes a change in profile can be the ticket to inducing a strike and preventing a skunk.

Tips for using the Deps Realiser


1.Play with various retrieves

2.Use the standard 4.5” version

3.Can be used with a teaser

4.Profile is perfect for when shiner perch or peanut bunker are on the menu

5.Best in calm - moderate conditions


Note this lure comes in two sizes ---- a junior and standard.   The Junior is very small but may be effective in freshwater situations.   I personally prefer the standard 4.5” version for stripers and bluefish.   Trust me… they will destroy this lure when presented in the right way.    As of now they are discontinued, but you may be able to find a few online.   The Deps Realiser is a gem of a lure and would definitely be a great addition to your plug arsenal.

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