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Fish Arrow Salty Jack - Almost like live bait...

By Pluglife777



Fish Arrow Salty Jack

Have you ever fished a lure that out fished all other lures?  Some people say it’s not about the lure, it’s about the fisherman.    Well… what if all things were equal and all you could do is reel?


Let me tell you about this lure I saw about 10 years ago.   It looked promising with a nice slender profile, jointed body and a flexible rubber tail.   At that time I’d never seen anything like it so being the curious fisherman, I decided to cough up the cash.

Salty Jacks in their originnal box

What I bought was a lure made by a Japanese company called Fish Arrow.   It’s known as the Salty Jack ---assuming its prime target was a saltwater fish known as a Japanese Sea Bass or Suzuki.    At 8 in. and a shade over an ounce, I thought it was the perfect size for emulating baitfish such as anchovies and sand eels. 


I wouldn’t give this lure high marks for casting, but action-wise--- the Fish Arrow Salty Jack is unequaled in my humble opinion.   The combination of jointed balsa wood, the engineered plastic lip and lively rubber tail make this lure look alive on just a basic steady retrieve.   No need to impart action or change speeds…reeling in is all you need to do.

Several years ago, in mid-June, I fished a rocky shoreline littered with small boulders in northern California.   The tide was incoming with a light gentle breeze from the northwest.  Earlier in the day guys were pummeling the area with pencils and polaris poppers.   If I didn’t know any better, I would think they were trying to scare the fish away…   So later that evening upon my return, I decided stealth would be my approach.   Also note that along with great action the other characteristic about the Salty Jack is the ability to cause little-to-no disturbance when casted.   It was a key on this night given that conditions were dead calm.  As I settled in the hole I recalled how crowded this spot was just 4 hours ago, but now it was like a ghost town.   (I could almost hear myself breathe...)  I already had the salt jack clipped on my leader and I was ready to go.  My intention was to swim the lure adjacent a hovering kelp bed while maneuvering between boulders leading to a sand bar holding bait.  Halfway through my retrieve I felt a sudden thump and then nothing.   Nevertheless I continued reeling then as the lure swam next to another boulder it got slammed by a striped bass!   Fish on I said and the rest is history… 

Inhaled the Salty Jack

The Salty Jack is the type of lure that will oftentimes out fish all others.   I’ve been in situations where I was in the mix with other surfcasters throwing sp minnows or mag darters etc. but the salty jack always seemed to induce the most strikes with just a steady retrieve. 





Length: 8 in.

Weight: 1 oz.

Material: Balsa Wood, rubber tail

Feeding time!
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